Served Tuesday to Saturday from 6:30pm to 10:00pm, closed Sunday Evening & Monday.

Per Iniziare (Starters):


Zuppa del giorno - Chef’s home made soup of the day... £5.00


Cestino Mediterraneo - A basket of Italian bread (Focaccia)flavoured with rosemary and served with a basil pesto, olives and sundried tomatoes... £6.00


Focaccia e caponata della nonna (V) - Toasted ‘Focaccia’ bread topped with grandmother’s Caponata (diced aubergine and diced Mediterranean vegetables)... £6.50


Pomodoro ripieno in crosta al formaggio - Baked tomato stuffed with grated cheese and breadcrumbs... £7.00


Calamari fritti - Dusted with seasoned flour and Golden fried, Calamari (Squid) sprinkled with paprika and served with Tartar sauce... £7.50


Fritto misto - A mixture of golden fried Calamari, Sardines, King prawns and Whitebait served with a twist of lemon and tartar sauce. A perfect start to any meal!!... £9.50


Mozzarella in carrozza(V) - Golden fried Mozzarella cheese served on a herb & tomato sauce and drizzled with a balsamic reduction and basil flavoured pesto... £7.00


Gamberoni grigliati - Grilled King Prawns on a nest of curly leaves served with a garlic and chilli sauce (Highly recommended)... £9.00


Carpaccio dello chef - Peppe’s creation of thinly sliced Parma ham, marinated in olive oil and lemon juice and topped with mushrooms, parmesan flakes and toasted almonds... £8.50


Sardine alla griglia - Grilled, freshly caught Sardines topped with diced tomato, capers and black olives - A taste of the Mediterranean!... £7.00


Degustazione Peppone - Peppe’s selection of continental cold meats served on a board with some familiar and unfamiliar dips:

Caprese salad


Fritto misto


Assorted Dips & Bread... £5.00



Pasta e Risotti (Pasta & Rice Dishes):


Gnocchi ai 4 formaggi - Small dumplings made with potato (Gnocchi) and served with a four cheese sauce - smooth and delicious... £10.50


Spaghetti pesto e vongole - Thin long strings of Pasta (Spaghetti) garnished with a basil pesto sauce and clams – an absolute breath of the sea a treat not to be missed!!... £12.00


Penne mare e monti - This is a delightful dish consisting of tube shaped Pasta (Penne) with baby prawns, mushrooms and thin strips of bacon... £12.00


Risotto al tartufo - Slow cooked rice (Risotto) with artichoke hearts and asparagus tips, drizzled with truffle oil (A speciality of the restaurant)... £11.00


Risotto porcini - A traditional Italian risotto with porcini mushrooms... £12.00



La Nostra Pasta (The House Pasta):


Chitarrelle alla norma - A freshly made, high quality, hand crafted bronze pasta in small quantities using premium ingredients and love. Cooked with a tomato and basil sauce fried aubergine and Sicilian ricotta salata. (salted goat’s cheese)... £10.00


Tagliatelle al salmone - Ribbons of pasta (Tagliatelle) served with smoked salmon and a cream sauce garnished with Caviar. (A quality dish for the discerning palate)... £12.00


Tagliatelle allo scoglio - Tagliatelle allo scoglio, is a classical Italian seafood pasta dish made with a variety of crustaceans . It's very popular, especially during the festive season... £12.50


Raviolone ricotta e spinaci - Home made little pasta pillows (Raviolone) filled with Ricotta cheese and Spinach in a lightly flavoured sage butter sauce... £11.00


Spaghetti Peppone - The famous Peppone pasta dish served on a marinated fresh beef, cherry, plum & sun-dried tomato concasse and finished off with Buffalo mozzarella and toasted pine kernels... £10.50



Carne e Pesce (Meat & Fish Dishes):


Filetto al Pepe verde - Prime fillet (Filetto) of beef cooked to order topped with a green peppercorn sauce... £24.50


Tournedos Rossini - This classic Italian dish consists of a prime fillet of beef topped with duck pâté, served with black truffle and a Madeira ‘boosted’ butter sauce (Perigordine)... £25.50


Filetto di Maiale al pistacchio - Succulent pieces of Pork fillet coated with a bread & pistacchio crumbs and served with a plum sauce... £16.50


Filetto di Spigola con crudo do Parma - Pan fried fillet of Seabass (Spigola) on a bed of rocket leaves and orange salad, drizzled with natural yoghurt and sesame seed dressing and topped with crispy Parma ham... £16.50


Pollo ai funghi - An all time favourite - Pan roasted chicken (Pollo) breast set on a base of sautéed potatoes served with creamy mushroom (Funghi) sauce... £14.00


Agnello al Rosmarino - Lamb (Agnello) cutlets, grilled to order, served with roasted garlic, black olives and rosemary. (Highly recommended)... £17.00


Anatra glassata al miele - Duck (Anatra) breast glazed with honey (Miele) & topped with pan roasted jus... £16.50


Gamberoni aglio e olio - Pan fried flavoursome King Prawns (Gamberoni) smothered with a fusion of garlic (Aglio), chilli and extra vergin olive oil... £17.50


Pesce spada alla siciliana - Pan fried Sword Fish (Pesce spada) steak with capers, black olives, anchovies and freshly made tomato sauce on a bed of garlic Spinach... £17.00


(All of the above dishes will be served with Sautéed garlic potatoes & a selection of vegetables)



“L’albergo del Griglia” (From the Grill):


Costata di Manzo (10oz) - A mouthwatering Rib-eye steak cooked specifically to your wishes... £19.50


Controfiletto (8oz) - Prime Sirloin steak cooked to order with tenderness and the love only a dedicated chef could impart... £17.50


Filetto di Manzo (8oz) - Fillet of Beef just the tenderest of cut, high in flavour for the sagacious guest!... £24.00


Pesce Spada - A fillet of Swordfish served with a reduction of butter, flavoured with lemon and a hint of tarragon... £16.50


Bistecca alla Fiorentina (14oz) - A succulent Porterhouse Steak (T-bone steak) grilled or pan fried to order and served with a garlic jus... £26.00


Tonno Grigliato - Traditional Mediterranean style tuna steak... £15.00


(All of the above dishes will be served in a traditional Sicilian style with Rosemary hand-cut chips, salad and a trio of sauces)




•Horseradish Mayo

•Pink Rock Salt



Dolci (Deserts):


Semifreddo di stagione - Frozen Sicilian Parfait (ask your waiter what flavours are available)... £5.50


Toffee & chocolate Cheesecake - A full bodied Toffee & chocolate Cheesecake served with a caramel sauce... £5.50


Tiramisù - A "pick me up" (Tiramisù) is a desert made of Ladyfinger biscuits in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese flavoured with cocoa... £5.50


Cannolo Siciliano - Cannolo consists of tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta. They originated south of Palermo and are a popular desert throughout Italy and the USA... £6.50


Orange and chocolate cake - served with ice cream. A desert to die for!!... £5.50


Gelati misti - Assorted Ice creams – (your waiter will advise you which varieties are available for you could have a selection!!)... £5.00


Limone e Mango sorbet - A tangy mixture of lemon and mango whipped ice, really cleans the mouth in time for the cheese!!... £5.50


Panna Cotta - Italian style cream dessert... £5.50


Profiteroles - Most famous vanilla & chocolate cream-filled choux buns!... £5.50


Cheese platter - Peppe’s selection of cheese from near and far served with Savory Biscuits and Crudités... £8.50



Per Farla Finita (To End):


Liquori e Caffè

Coffee & Liqueurs

(Served at your table or in the Lounge)


*A discretionary 10% service charge will be added to your bill*

Telephone: 01252 852 103

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